This Saturday (Nov 25), the highly-popular Fuckup Night is coming to Bangkok’s Public House from 6pm onwards. The global event series sees industry leaders of all kinds share stories of past failures to a room of onlookers—presumably to help normalize life failures as things to be overcome. 

Fuckup Nights already host events in over 300 cities, 90 countries, and claim over one million attendees worldwide. It is often recognized for its digestible format, which sees three-to-four distinct personalities share 10 images that represent their past blunders and the lessons they’ve picked up along the way—all in around 8-10 minutes per speaker. 

In an age where posting highlight reels and milestones is the norm, “Fuckup Night” tried to flip negativity bias on its head. The events are not just for stories and learning but also a great networking experience.

Sharing their “flop eras”, Bangkok panelists include brewery expert Wichit “Chit” Saiklao, life coach Sabina Ahuja behind the blog "Journey to Love", entrepreneur and self proclaimed fail-addict Neill Myers, and special guest Piyarat “Tae” Kaljareuk of Kantana Group, a giant in the Thai entertainment industry.

For tickets, visit here or email

249 Soi Sukhumvit 31, Public House Hotel, 063-602-5230.