The much delayed Singapore Biennale, which was supposed to happen some time this year if it stuck to its its original schedule, will return in Oct 2016 instead. It will run for four months starting from Oct 28, 2016 to Feb 26, 2017, and will be the fifth edition since its debut in 2006. 

While the festival's theme, venues or artists are unconfirmed, expect to find a broad range of works spanning various mediums from installations and videos to sculptures and paintings, to name just a few, across various arts venues in town. The 2016 edition will be organized by the Singapore Art Museum (with the support from the National Arts Council, of course), just like its previous edition back in 2013. Gauging from past editions, it'll no doubt feature specially commissioned by local names like Boo Junfeng, Jeremy Sharma and Royston Tan.