Starting this month, two airport bus services from Bangkok's Don Mueang Airport officially accept QR code payments through smartphones. 

The Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) launched the new payment system for the A1 bus, which runs between the airport to BTS Mochit and the A2, which runs from the airport to Victory Monument. 

In order to use the QR code payment, passengers must have a mobile app from a bank in Thailand. Payments can be made by whipping out your smartphone and scanning the QR Code with the bus conductor, who will be wearing a lanyards containing the code.

Passengers paying the fixed fare of B30 can scan the QR Code from the stickers placed inside the buses, while passengers who pay by distance will have to scan a unique code with the bus conductor.

The BMTA plans to launch the service for the A3 (Don Mueang to Lumpini) and A4 (Don Meaung to Sanam Luang) buses starting Jul 1, and hopes to eventually cover every bus route in Bangkok.