Four years ago, aspiring ceramic artist Karin Phisolyabut discovered a simple wooden shop in Khamphengphet, an artisanal market just opposite the ever-popular JJ. Inspired by its quaint, well-designed structure, Karin decided to give the place a makeover, giving birth to today’s renowned Yarnnakarn Art & Craft Studio.
“Chatuchak is generally very crowded,” says Karin. “But there’s also a quieter and more spacious area where people can slowly spend their time contemplating how they may wish to decorate their home.”
Quiet corners of this leafy district have their own, slow-life appeal that attracts a certain kind of person. Karin confirms: “Of course, I like to have lots of customers visiting my shop, but as an owner of a home decor business, I want plenty of space—this area gives me a blend of both.”
Chatuchak has long been known as a hot spot for young, creative artists to showcase their ideas, in tandem growing as a hub for home decorative items and stylish furnishings. “I just need to walk out of my shop to see many more unique and eye-catching items, ranging from secondhand curiosities and vintage tableware to handcrafted pottery or even a nice pillow,” says Karin.
“Chatuchak has a friendly atmosphere that allows you to ponder at your own pace, mixing this and that, paying attention to the small details of items that catch your eye before deciding to bring them home.”
Chatuchak’s long reputation as the birthplace of many successful design and furniture businesses would have died down long ago if it wasn’t for the ample space for both new and old projects to grow. Karin started his business as a novice with just a single-unit shop-house, but has since expanded to four units of this spacious and leafy district.

The world may agree with Friedrich Nietzsche that “an artist has no home in Europe except in Paris," but, for Bangkok, “it just has to be Chatuchak,” says Karin, without any trace of doubt.

Home Decor Hot Spots

Right next to Yarnnakarn sit plenty more design-forward stores.

Big Tree Antiques

Here’s where stylish bars and restaurants get their furnishings. Specializing in rare antique items, Big Tree Antiques offers various goods ranging from vinyl records to postboxes, glassware, even full-sized superhero models (starting from B18,000) and much more. Zone MRT Khamphengphet Exit 1, 085-334-9559. Open Mon-Fri 10am-7pm, Sat-Sun 10am-9pm.


This shop specializes in fabrics, selling everything you need to make your house feel like a home for under B1,000. Products include pillows, outdoor cushions and wooden birdhouses. Zone MRT Khamphengphet Exit 1, Open daily 9am-6pm

Little Space by Dao

For those not satisfied with the normal market finds, this studio will make your own designs. Little Space by Dao offers made-to-order wooden furniture like tables, chairs and cabinets starting from B15,000. There are also some ready-made items. #041, Zone MRT Khamphengphet Exit 1, 089-494-0576. Open daily 9am-9pm

WW Room

This shop offers a wide selection of vintage furniture: sofas and lamps in many colors and styles, as well as wooden TV stands and unconventionally shaped tables. #66, Zone MRT Khamphengphet Exit 1, 082-007-6886, 085-912-1666. Open Tue-Sun 11am-6pm.
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