If you’re starting to get bored by Netflix’s drama (like the looming crackdown on password sharing), then here’s some good news: Amazon Prime Video just launched in Thailand. 
While the platform's newly launched official Twitter account didn't have any posts at the time of publication (questions through DM also went unanswered), the service is live and Thailand users can already start watching Prime content like The Boys and The Terminal List. Friday evening, social media users spotted advertisements for the service plastered on the doors of BTS trains, which included little more than a logo and instructions to “get ready.”

The move is the latest high-profile entry in a red-hot battle between streaming services to score eyeballs in Thailand—Disney+ entered the market earlier in the year to a lot of praise. Prime Video also appears to have launched in Indonesia and the Philippines at the same time.  
According to the website, everyone with an Amazon account gets a seven-day trial, followed by a promotional subscription fee of B149/month. That’s middle-of-the-pack price-wise, with Netflix ranging from B99-419 and Disney+ at B99/month or B499/year.