Grey Projects

Get your fill of eye candy

We're not just talking about the crowd at Bincho. There's a brand new art gallery in the hood, the inconspicuous looking Degios Art, a by-appointment-only space run by Italian Giuseppe De Giosa. It stocks paintings, vintage furniture and objet d’art from around the world.

That aside, you can also get your art fix at Grey Projects. Here, you can just rock up (no appointments needed) and soak up some free art. On-going exhibitions include For and Against Nature, a photo-based showcase by Australian artist Gary Carsley.

Curated Records

Dig for vinyl records

The vinyl craze is back in full force with cool vinyl parties like Tiko Disco and Outer Limits with Sid Presley this month. And obviously Tiong Bahru had to have its very own vinyl record store. Enter Curated Records, a tiny shop stocking records ranging from mainstream hits to smaller indie releases. They get extra brownie points for collaborating with the Super 0 people for a vinyl swap last month.


Tiong Bahru Club

Eat more than just café food

While we still hit up the usual suspects like 40 Hands, Flock and Tiong Bahru Bakery for our third wave coffee after a satisfying hawker meal, we're loving the new food options around the 'hood.

Hipster kopitiam Tiong Bahru Club has just upped their game with a North Indian food menu (delish tandoori, curries and flaky naan). It's a brilliant move: who knew Tiong Bahru needed upscale Indian food so badly? Plus, local foodie pop-up marketplace Crateful has just extended their stay till the end of Feb. Yay!



Drink like a fish

Though there aren't as many bars as cafés, drink options are none too shabby thanks to the arrival of one of our favorite craft beer places. Say hello to Thirsty and their 200-label strong list of craft beers. Takeaway beers (from $7.50 a bottle) are cheap and good, but you can also drink them on-the-spot for an additional few bucks "corkage" per bottle.

Oh and if you need a bit more of a scene, Tiong Bahru Bar now has a ladies night every Wednesday with free flow of their prosecco cocktail all night long. All you have to do is go up to the bartender and whisper (or yell) “I Love TBB”.


Yoga Movement

Get your zen back

We couldn't be more excited that fourth and newest outpost of boutique yoga studio Yoga Movement is now in TB. Unlike many other yoga places, the instructors here are fun, the design snazzy, and prices low ($25 for a drop-in class, and they don't hard-sell packages).

And for a post-workout treat, you pretty much can't beat the newly revamped Hui Aesthetics, offering treatments like manicures, facials and massage in a super-cute, retro-feel space.


Qi Tian Gong Temple

Join a whole other kind of party

Right smack in the midst of all these hipster cafés is a super traditional Monkey God temple that dates back to the 1920s. If you’re up for some alternative/cultural fun, hit up Qi Tian Gong Temple around Chinese New Year. The first lunar month is when they really put on a big show to celebrate the Monkey God's birthday; we're talking lion dance and street opera performances.