The NX300 is Samsung’s latest compact interchangeable-lens camera. Like its predecessors, its design sits somewhere between retro and modern; nonetheless, there are some new and exciting features.


(+) The touchscreen makes menu navigation easier and really helps with shooting, allowing you to touch onscreen where you’d like to focus.
(+) The screen can be rotated giving the opportunity to do more creative framing.
(+) Video mode in full HD at 60 frames per second allows you to create smooth slow motion movies. You can easily pause and reshoot videos so you don’t need to combine clips to make a multi-shot video afterwards.
(+) Built-in Wi-Fi lets you share your favorite pictures to Facebook straight away.
(+) Improved image quality with good performance even in low light.
(+) Handling is good, thanks to a resistant grip.
(+) The excellent Adobe Lightroom software is included.


(-) There is no built-in flash.
(-) No 360-degree rotation for the screen.
(-) Battery runs out fast when Wi-Fi is activated.
(-)The editing mode (“picture wizard”) is neither powerful nor useful.
(-) Even though the camera body isn’t too heavy, the addition of lenses make it considerably weightier.   
(-)The quality of pictures is not quite there, especially in low light under Auto mode.


The Samsung NX300 remains a cutting-edge compact camera that produces pictures and videos of a decent quality. It’s not friendly for amateur photographers, though. It’s Auto mode is quite limited in term of features and quality. It’s certainly a nice camera—if only it were cheaper. Victor Habchy/Top Koaysomboon

B24,990. 20.3 mega pixels with CMOS APS-C sensor (23.5 x 15.7 mm), 30-1/600 sec speed shuttle, ISO 100-25600.


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