Every day, millions of flowers are planted, selected, cut, and transported throughout the world to become gifts or decorations. Most, however, end their long journey in landfills. 

Thai designer and flower enthusiast Irene Purasachit, along with Parita “Earth” Thanyasirin, owner of the flower shop Flowers in the Mist, hope to draw attention to that overlooked source of waste with their exhibition Flower Matter, held from Mar 12-19 at Sunflower.

Part of Irene’s ongoing research for future flower development in Thailand, the exhibition will see Irene and Earth creating different bouquets, using wrapping and decorative materials for each flower that are made from only its own species. In other words, recycled flower material.

The fresh flowers will naturally wilt throughout the exhibition. Once they are no longer able to be on display, the flowers, along with their wrapping materials, will be recycled. 

The exhibition opens Fri, Mar 12, from 4pm onwards.


Sunflower, 174 Asadang Rd.