Khai Maew, the anonymous online cartoonist known for his cute characters and satirical digs at Thai politics, will host his first public exhibition in Bangkok next month. 

Khai Maew X: Kalaland will launch at Sathorn's Artist+Run gallery at 6pm on Saturday Nov 7

In a public Facebook post, one of the exhibition's curators, Pandit Chanrochanakit labeled Khai Maew "the most critical and controversial cartoonist in Thailand during the past four years."



Khai Maew's comics reflect the seemingly absurd reality of Thai society, with prominent figures—from Prayuth to Thaksin to "Jack Maew"—regularly depicted in response to controversial issues of the moment. 

Despite his online popularity (Khai Maew's current Facebook page counts almost 300,000 likes), the comic is notoriously elusive. Next to nothing is known about the man behind the cartoons, and it's unclear whether the artist will attend his own exhibition or not.  



Nov 7-22. Artist+Run, 2198/10-11 Narathiwas Soi 22, 099-454-5955. Open daily 1-6pm