From May 1-Jun 13, Thai artist Kantapon Metheekul, better known as Gongkan, will bring his surreal artwork to the U.S. with his first solo exhibition at LA’s Over the Influence Gallery
Tip of the Iceberg not only marks his American debut—it also represents the first time a Thai artist has been featured at the Los Angeles gallery, which also boasts a branch in Hong Kong. 
The exhibition will feature original artwork, and it should introduce fans of modern Thai art to the Over the Influence name, as the gallery will be opening a third branch in Bangkok soon. 
Best known for his Teleport series, which bridges the gap between graffiti art culture, surrealism, and contemporary art, Gongkan built himself up initially by sticker-bombing New York streescapes. Since then, he has seen his star rise to incredible heights. 
Recently, he collaborated with Australian singer Troye Sivan on a music video, designed the album cover for Danish pop band Lucas Graham, and saw his products appear at the O+D store in Siam Discovery. He also famously became a favorite of Apple CEO Tim Cook.
Tip of the Iceberg explores themes of human connection while tackling environmental and societal issues. Many of the pieces feature water heavily, a subject matter representing freedom of thought and expression, according to the artist. Expect the signature black hole, too.
Images: Gongkan