Can’t afford a weekend at the Musee D’Orsay? The new “Van Gogh Alive’ exhibition is a must see for art lovers—or at least fans “Loving Vincent” or that one episode of Doctor Who. Starting at Icon Siam Mar 30 and going until July 31, this inspiring exhibition has been shown in cities all over the world.
Walking into the exhibition space, patrons are greeted by moving, otherworldly portrayals of Vincent Van Gogh’s works on the walls, floors, and ceilings, accompanied by a dynamic soundtrack. The exhibition is also interactive, allowing visitors to engage with the artwork.
One of the highlights (apart from “Starry Night”) is the "Sunflower Room," designed to make visitors feel as though they're standing in amongst a field of Van Gogh’s most challenging subjects. The "Artist's Inspiration" section explores the people, places, and tragedy that influenced Van Gogh, and it’s a fun way to get more intimate with one of the 19th century’s most beloved popular painters.

The exhibition will take place on the sixth floor of Icon Siam. Tickets are B690-1,490 and are available via Thai Ticket Major.