Independent zine publisher and producers behind Spacebar Zine Studio reopened their storefront under the “Spacebar Zine” moniker, carving out a whole new space for creators. 
Photo: Spacebar Zine / Facebook
After closing down due to Covid, the Spacebar Zine’s brick and mortar store came back in business at the end of last year, giving art enthusiasts in Bangkok a space to browse through handmade conceptual zines, local and imported art books, pamphlets, movie posters and other creator-made knick knacks.
But it’s not just about shopping. Apart from supporting local talent, the shop dedicated part of their store to a “Zine Library” zone where visitors can flip through the owners’ collection of zines, handpicked from festivals around the world. 
Spacebar Zine also has an area that fosters community bonding activities with a steady rotation of zine workshops, artist discussions, and zine-making counseling sessions. Drinks and nibbles are available to snack on throughout the day. 

Photo: Spacebar Zine / Facebook
Amidst art exhibitions, new museum openings, and Bangkok Design Week, Spacebar Zine stands out as one of the very few independent publishers and bookstores in the city. It’s a cute way to directly engage in the local art scene and get the creative juices flowing while you’re at it.

4F, The Upper Ground, 18 Kamphaeng Phet 3 Rd., Open Wed-Fri 12-6pm; Sat-Sun 11am-7pm.