Local artists and mental health practitioners are coming together this Mar 14-31 for Mind The Unseen Heart: A Journey to Wholeness. Besides a gallery exhibition showcasing the work of five artists, there will be a series of weekend events (7-11pm) incorporating poetry, storytelling, performance art, dance, and comedy, during which the performers will share stories of how their art form has supported their mental wellbeing.

Drop by on Mar 19 for “Why Storytelling Matters: Doubling the Joy, Halving the Sorrow,” a storytelling show in collaboration with Bombyx Stories featuring true stories of personal mental health journeys, or Mar 22 for “Why Movement Matters: Your Body is Your Home,” a night of performance dance showcasing the possibilities of movement as an expressive tool. On Mar 26, learn how comedy can be an effective tool for talking about mental health with “Why Comedy Matters: Laughing Through It,” while Mar 29 will be dedicated to the importance of breathing with “Why Breath Matters: Breath Brings Life.” For the full line-up, visit the Facebook events page.

Curated by aspiring clinical art therapist, Gabriela Moriarty, the exhibition seeks to raise awareness of mental health and is designed to inspire compassionate conversations and understanding. The main gallery will showcase photography by her late sister, Petite Fleur Lukae Paschal a.k.a. Theresa Ann Moriarty, whose own mental health journey inspired the project.

Gallery open Tue-Sun, 5pm-midnight. Sathorn 11 Art Space, 404 Sathorn Soi 11. Free entry