We all know by now that we should be washing our hands for at least 20 seconds to shield ourselves from the coronavirus, but how many of us are actually counting? If you’re struggling to keep track or it’s boring you to tears, a group of Thai musicians has a solution. Initiated by Jakkrit “Varn” Sngjalearn, a.k.a Varn Details, and Katanyu86, the 20 Sec Safe Song project invites artists to record 20-second songs to be compiled into a special handwashing album.

More than 30 artists have contributed so far, producing hit tunes like Saitrip’s “I don’t wanna eat anymore,” “With Soap” by Folk9, the soothing acoustic “Corona Time” by Max Jenmana and Bomb At Track’s more aggressive “Just wash your hands.”

Other participating artists include Dcnxtr, Lemon Soup, Abuse The Youth, Rolling Attack, Supergoods, Chucheewa (of Fwends fame) and Yellow Fang. That is among many, many others. Seriously, it’s worth your time to tune in to hear all the great super-short songs coming out of this incredibly of-the-moment project.

You can check out the first, second and third episodes of the project on their Youtube channel “20secsafesong.” Thanks to them, handwashing will never be boring again.