Museums, galleries and cinemas are closed with no official news of reopening. However, this is a good opportunity to break online boundaries to explore new artworks via digital formats at home.

Thanks to Goethe-Institut Thailand, in cooperation with De Commune, you can now enjoy a live-streaming session on May 2, 10-11pm. The one-hour audiovisual session will feature original works by NØR with art born from a series of student workshops at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang and Chiang Mai University. Archive footage celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Goethe-Institut Thailand will also be shown.

NØR, formerly known as “Blaenk Minds,” is a Berlin-based audiovisual DJ team that explores the edges of information and emotion. For every track they play, they produce their own visuals, making video and audio one entity. Sounds pretty neat.

Be sure to catch the live-stream on Goethe-Institut Thailand and De Commune Facebook pages.