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7 Thai movies and series to watch in July 2024
A family murder mystery, a comedy showdown, a ghost story, and more.
Beauty and the Babe: Skincare, obsession, and Thai Gen Z
From tweens to teens, the skin care craze is in full force. But why?
Frog Bar mixes Japanese pop culture into easy-to-drink sips
Hop on over to Sukhumvit’s latest speakeasy. 
Photo: Katie Sirisinha and Srangkun “Lonskii” Sirisinha / Unkoncious
Unkoncious festival hits Croatia in July. BK speaks with the Thai festival pioneers.
Husband and wife festival duo Srangkun “Lonskii” Sirisinha and Katie Sirisinha tell BK about the trance festival’s journey from the beaches of Phuket to an international brand....
Photo: Dough Bros / BK Magazine
9 new restaurants and cafes to try in July 2024
Thai street food, a pizza parlor, a Mediterranean izakaya, and more.
Bantadthong gets a hybrid donut-patongko space with familiar Thai dessert fillings
East meets West at Table of Contents.
16 things to do in Bangkok this weekend (Jun 27-30)
Pride film fest, Peruvian cuisine, poetry, craft beer, techno, live music, and more. 
Sababa brings a Mediterranean-style izakaya to Thonglor 13
The best of both worlds.
Review: Grok 1970 gives Bangkok a rare taste of Ratchaburi bites
A sheet of beef and creative desserts at this creative space. 
Photo: Playboi Carti / Facebook
Rolling Loud announces Playboi Carti as headliner
“Never too much” for Thailand. 
Heiwa Kissa serves coffee with Japanese techniques at Samyot
A cup of joe, nostalgia, and personalized service at a kissaten-style cafe. 
9 must try dispensaries for the discerning stoner in Bangkok
Good bud to hangout spaces.
Al Saray will be opening their third branch next month
Can you guess where?
Photo: Mitr / Instagram
8 fashionable scrunchies from Thai brands
Bringing back the 90s.
Photo: Robert De Niro at Empire Tower / Tyler Roney
Robert De Niro is in Bangkok to bring attention to Nobu's September opening
The biggest and highest Nobu ever is set to open in September.
Photo: Playlys Bangkok / Facebook
20 things to do in Bangkok this weekend (Jun 20-23)
Atarashii Gakko, comedy, Bruncherton, live music, Pride events, DJs, and more. 
Tamarind gives Southern Thai a glow-up with international flair
A little spice, and a whole lot of work. 
Love is Love: Thailand’s senate approves Marriage Equality
A happy Pride Month indeed.
This award-winning Spanish restaurant just welcomed a new executive chef with Michelin-star experience
Chef David Aparicio spills his thoughts on Spanish food, the new menu, and his past. 
Hometown is serving up nostalgia with Thai-style gelato at Samyot
Ice cream and memories. 
Southern Thai restaurant Phukej introduces their first set menu this month
A line up of their all-star a la carte.
Udom Suk gets a fashionable hybrid multi-purpose store and cafe
You’ve heard of wonderland, well here’s Super Nice Land.
A new community slow bar has opened up on top of Songwat’s Bad Poutine
Welcome to Bukowski & Co.