An affordable nam prik-focused restaurant from the chefs of 80/20.

Fresh off gaining a Michelin star at 80/20, chefs Napol “Joe” Jantraget and Saki Hoshino opened this standalone, nam prik-dedicated shop-house restaurant. Since going upscale at 80/20 in early 2019, the pair have become known for their refined approach to Thai cuisine, but here they dial it back to basics under the premise that everyone should have access to good food.

Set menus (B135-295) come with a choice of protein, rice and vegetables. Examples include braised tofu with eggplant nam prik (B135) and grilled pork with nam prik kapi (B175), both of which come with rice, pickles, vegetables and a soft boiled egg. To sample it all, opt for the Super Mega Krok (B465), which includes two rice sets, four types of nam prik, fish of the day, grilled pork, chicken wings, braised tofu and all the sides. Be sure to get there early—with just 12 seats, they only serve until the food runs out each day.

Alternatively, you can order delivery via Line (@krokbkk), Lineman, and Grab, with the option of purchasing their nam prik by the jar (B80/60g). 

Venue Details
Address: Krok, 78 Yotha Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Cuisine: Thai
Open since: January, 2020
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 10am-6pm
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