Le Salon de L’Atelier

Tea and sandwiches endorsed by Michelin critics’ favorite chef. 

The French fine-dining powerhouse L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon is set to take on Paul with its own take on casual French lunch fare and desserts at Central Embassy.

It’s a concept cribbed from Hong Kong, where for some time diners have been enjoying sandwiches and desserts endorsed by the most Michelin-lauded chef in the world at several mall locations.

At Le Salon de L'Atelier, you can find both premium signatures from L’Atelier like Alaskan king crab with caviar and jelly made from shellfish innards (B2,800), as well as light fare like sandwiches (B200-350), crepes (B350), waffles (B420) and desserts (B450). Try the waffle with passion custard, caramelized bananas and coconut (B420).

Tea and coffee are available at B200 and B180. 

The buzz: French chef Joel Robuchon’s restaurant portfolio holds the most Michelin stars in the world. Here though, the signature L’Atelier fine-dining brand is used for a more casual tearoom-style restaurant in a mall. 
The decor: In contrast to L’Atelier at Mahanakhon’s sultry lighting and hushed atmosphere, Le Salon is plonked in the middle of the mall’s hallway (think TWG), where the signature red leathers and lacquered black surfaces are framed by luxury boutiques. A prep counter sits in the middle of it all, where you can see chefs finish the plating. Nearby, you'll find another counter hidden behind one of the mall's massive columns, where you can buy takeaway baked items like croissants and bread. 
The food: Instead of rolling out solely tearoom specialties (like other Le Salon de The branches), this one also carries some items from L’Atelier, mostly light fare that doesn’t require much cooking like Sologne imperial caviar layered with lobster meat and jelly (B2,800) and la betterave (apple and beetroot tartare with guacamole and green mustard sherbet, B550). Apart from that, the menu highlights sandwiches and savory crepes. Expect no less than millefeuille-like, prettily-layered bread and fillings like caviar, lobster, avocado and cocktail sauce (B1,400) or salmon, fennel, dill and sour cream (B350). On the sweet side, they roll out Brussels-style crispy waffles served with dollops of jellies, mousses, custard and sorbets, such as passion fruit custard, caramelized bananas and coconut (B450) or pistachios, chocolate cremeux and confit cherries (B650).
The drinks: Coffee and tea comes at B200 per serving while there are also juices (B230), mocktails (B230), beer (Sapporo and Estrella Damm, B290) and a few wines (B490 by the glass).
Why you should care: Though not intended as a Michelin-star experience, Robuchon takes the tearoom experience to the next level with fine-dining attention to detail and elegant presentation. It’s also the perfect place for a glimpse at what goes on in L’Atelier proper—very big hair clientele included. 
Venue Details
Address: Le Salon de L’Atelier, G/F, Central Embassy, 1031 Phloen Chit Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Area: Phloen Chit
Cuisine: Deli / Takeaway / Take Out, French
Open since: September, 2016
Opening hours: daily 9am-9pm
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