Gigi Dining Hall & Bar

A homey Italian joint from the team behind Sing Sing and Iron Balls.

The Sing Sing and Iron Balls crew strengthen their foothold in Phrom Phong with this home-style Italian joint. Helmed by chef Chris Beverley (formerly of Theo Mio), the kitchen busts out Italian comfort food in the cozy, cantina-like confines that used to house Quince. Expect dishes like Agnolotti del Pin (B240)—hand-made stuffed pasta with prosciutto, mortadella and Parmesan cheese—and Tartufo Nero Pizzette (B240), a mini-pizza with mushrooms, mascarpone, scamorza and a liberal amount of truffle paste. Wash it down with signature drinks like the Bitch Spritz (B260) and Gigi Bellini (B295).

The buzz: Cozy Italian eatery in Phrom Phong that offers classic Italian foods and drinks by the team behind Sing Sing and Iron Balls
The vibe: Being a former house of Quince, Gigi has kept the rustic and industrial interior of the venue yet brightened up with colors and added more furniture. This laid-back yet vibrant venue is a perfect place for family dinner or friends gathering. Once you pass through its heavy antique wooden door, you’ll be primarily greeted with upbeat music, dim lighting, and a giant long high table facing against the bar. Thanks to its spacious space, a guest can choose to dine in a main hall or privately in a private room. Speaking of casual conversation, there is a glass wall that sections outdoor terrace out of the house. Due to its strategic location, pre-Sing-Sing-and-Iron-Balls crowd is expected. 
The food: The paper set menu that is laid on each dining table shows homey classic Italian food with two portion options: for one or to share, by head chef Christopher Beverley. Expect comfort but up to standard italian dishes. You can’t miss their wood-roasted cauliflower with sweet and sour raisins, pine nuts, spicy crumbs and dill and saffron sauce (B210). Gigi’s La Burrata (B395) is a mixture of imported and local ingredients. Besides its local produced burrata, this dish comprises marinated tomatoes, crisp sourdough, soft herbs, and pickled shallots; all glazed with olive oil. For main course, this restaurant doles out excellent pasta dishes. Try Tuscan favorite, Pappardelle Rosa (B280), a flat ribbon pasta and pancetta with pink sauce made from tomato and cream. Or opt for Agnolotti Del Plin (B260), hand-made stuffed pasta with prosciutto, mortadella and parmesan served with sage butter. To end, their tiramisu (B220) is second to none as well as their Gianduja Budino (B200), chocolate ganache and hazelnut cream atop croccante, chocolate crumb, and tuile.
The drinks: They also offer good cocktails. Try their Aperol-based Bitch Spritz (B275) mixed with passion fruit, mango puree and Prosecco. Need something stronger? We suggest Paloma in Paradisco (B295), a glass of Malfy gin, Alipus San Baltazar mezcal, Dolin Rouge,
grapefruit juice, lemongrass syrup and  lemon juice. Alternatively, there is also a wide-ranging wine list. Try classic Chianti Vigna Di Pallino (B1,450) from Tuscany or Speri Valpolicella Classico (B1,450). For white, a bottle of Pinot Grigio from Friuli will cost you B1,260.
Why we’d come back: Gigi doesn’t only offer home-styled Italian dishes with friendly price but it also provides the authentic Italian realness that doesn’t only define as food or interior but everything in between. This place is vibrant and perfect for get-together occasions with friends and family members.




Venue Details
Address: Gigi Dining Hall & Bar, 4 Sukhumvit Soi 45, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-662-4478
Open since: October, 2019
Opening hours: Mon-Thu 6pm-1am; Fri-Sat 6pm-2am; Sun 11am-10pm
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Gigi Dining Hall & Bar