31 Degrees by Kad Kokoa

Thailand’s first cacao-centric bistro boasts all-day dining on Sukhumvit.

The buzz: Kad Kokoa’s founders Nuttaya and Paniti Junhasavasdikul have teamed up with young chefs from Bocuse d’Or Thailand. The seed of their recent collaboration sprouted into Thailand’s first cacao-centric bistro, 31 Degrees, where they add chocolate and cacao beans into everything. 
The vibe: At first glance from the outside, 31 Degrees sports a look similar to typical Bangkok cafes with light-wood accented furniture. But inside, you can see the encased glass room where chefs work their magic. Head up to the second floor for more privacy. 
The food: Bocuse d’Or is basically an Olympics for cooking, so every dish is meticulously prepared and crafted to levels comparable to a competition. Start off with the organic beetroot carpaccio (B290) topped with soothing potato cream; the vinegar dressing lends a refreshing tang buffered by bitter cacao crumbles. If you want something more filling, go for their double filet crispy fish (B340), which arrives in an open-sandwich accompanied by shallots marinated in cacao juice to add a subtle sweetness. The star here, however, is the oven-roasted free-range baby chicken (B490) served alongside creamy polenta and mushrooms, in which the chef pours intensely rich Chumphon chocolate juice. Chocoholics should also try their “Ultimate Chocolate,” the chocolate tart filled with chewy chunks of brownies, roasted almond, and cacao espuma foam, all of which are covered with the layers of cacao nibs French tuile and topped with sorbet. Arriving there early? Try Devil May Cry (B260), a ham and cheese muffin stuffed with soft-boiled eggs served with Chanthaburi chocolate barbeque sauce.
The drink: Fans of Kad Kokoa should know how decadent their chocolate drinks can be, and yet they still source their own single origin beans from growers across the kingdom. Their new signature drinks, however, are more bold and fresh in both concept and presentation. Go for Cacao Cinema (B170), an espresso-blend featuring Chumphon cacao beans, or Cacao Red Berry (B170) made with homemade berry puree and frothy milk. They also whip up cacao cocktails, including Venti Elixir (B350) (gin infused chocolate from Prachuap Khriri Khan, Venti Amaro, bitters, and coconut essence) and Meet Me @31c (B320), a vodka-based cocktail infused with Chiangmai chocolate, toffee nut, cacao, and lemon juice, all topped with foam. 
Why we’d come back: We have been visiting them since day one; everytime we go, the menu evolves. And it’s not like we can taste dishes made by chefs from Bocuse D'or Thailand that often. The place also has some bold drinks like cacao sparkling juice that we want to try next.
Venue Details
Address: 31 Degrees by Kad Kokoa, 235 5 Soi Sukhumvit 31, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 081 007 8828
Area: Phrom Phong
Cuisine: Cafe
Open since: April, 2022
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 8am-10pm
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