Summer Heath

Warehouse 30's first bar is here. 

The guy who’s been behind the bar at The Never Ending Summer and Summer House Project since the start, Dheeradon “Gotji” Dissara, has jumped aboard Duangrit Bunnag’s latest design-y project, Warehouse 30.

At the Summer Heath bar, Gotji whips up fruity concoctions like Transmogrification (B310), whose mix of grapefruit, gin and vanilla syrup carries a mysterious note of dark chocolate, and Relaxing (B280), a refreshing gin-and-tonic with the addition of orange and coffee.

Other recent openings at Warehouse 30 including soup specialist The Fox and Moon, A Coffee Roaster by Li-bra-ry and minimalist fashion brand Lonely Two Legged Creature

It seems Gotji and Duangrit aren’t done yet, either, with plans for a pop-up bar at the Lonely Two Legged Creature store at Gaysorn Village in the near future. 

Venue Details
Address: Summer Heath, Warehouse 30, Charoenkrung Soi 30, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 086-554-5553
Open since: September, 2017
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 4-11pm
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