Lonely Two Legged Creature

The affordable, minimal local label you were looking for.

Taking up a prime spot in Charoenkrung’s new Warehouse 30, Lonely Two Legged Creature might just be the affordable, minimal local label that’ll wean you off Uniqlo and Muji basics.
LTLC (for the sake of brevity) is the fashion project of Duagrit Bunnag, the mastermind behind Warehouse 30’s complex of design stores, cafes and creative spaces. But don’t think the floppy haired architect extraordinaire has turned fashion designer overnight. 
Instead, he’s invested in the talents of Amphai  Kerdhnongmon, a young creative from Loei province, who until catching the eye of Duangrit was selling her work at Platinum mall, Bangkok’s epicenter of bulk-buy discount fashion. 
“I saw her sketches and they were brilliant, plus she was super cool,” says Duangrit. “I asked if she was interested in doing a brand and she was. So I’m supporting her with investors and now we have Lonely Two Legged Creature together.”
Men and women of a minimal disposition will find much to like in Lonely Two Legged Creature’s clothing and accessories—as well as prices. After 10 minutes spent shiftily flipping over price tags, we failed to spot a single thing over B2,000.
Both women’s and men’s lines play with tropical full-print looks on shirts (B,1250-1,850) and pants (B1,450), but for the most part the designs are sharp and understated—dresses, shirts, pants and tees in neutral tones with an oversized but well-tailored look. 
If there was ever a time to retire that Uniqlo button-down, this is it.
Venue Details
Address: Lonely Two Legged Creature, Warehouse 30, Bangkok, Thailand
Area: Riverside, Charoenkrung
Open since: August, 2017
Opening hours: daily 10am-7:30pm
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