Brain Freeze

Bangkok gets the slushie cocktail bar it never knew it needed. 
The buzz: The team behind some of Bangkok’s most sophisticated cocktail bars—Sugar Ray, Q&A, Thaipioka—has opened another venue, but don’t expect the same old tricks here.
The decor: The small, spare room is washed in neon greens and purples, looking like a walk-in fridge crossed with the cockpit of a cartoon spaceship. Appropriate to the cool colors are the line of Slurpee machines behind the bar and the handful of chrome taps that pour cocktails in place of beer. Find a steely bar stool or warm yourself doing a round on the dance floor to some of the resident DJ’s hip hop beats.
The drinks: The syrupiness of the offerings makes everything here go down real easy, meaning we’ve finally found the perfect place for pre-drinking. Cocktails come in three forms: Fizzy, Fluffy (nitro) and Slushy. If you’re looking for a massive night out, the sort you’ll immediately regret come sun-up, start with the Slushy Long Island (B330), which is a full glass of four spirits. Don’t go beyond one of those. The Fizzy Lady Gummy (gin, elderflower, apple juice, lime juice, served with gummy bears and topped with rose foam, B280) was our favorite, and not because we’re suckers for gin-soaked gummy bears (we are) but because of its pleasant, flowery aroma. For your last sugar hit of the night, don’t miss the Fluffy Rumble Rasp (gin, lemon juice, elderflower, topped with raspberry brulee, B330). The bar also goes above and beyond with the mint ice cubes, which each contain a single mint leaf.
The music: Think Blaq Lyte’s underground beats.
The crowd: Young, cocktail newbies developing a taste for Bangkok’s nightlife.
Why you should care: It’s the exact opposite of a swanky bar, wholeheartedly embracing the fun and sweet end of the cocktail spectrum.
Watch our video below:
Venue Details
Address: Brain Freeze, Arena 10, Thonglor Soi 10, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 090-656-0711
Open since: December, 2017
Opening hours: daily 6pm-1am
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