Bar Marco

Bar Marco brings mid-century California vibes to Thonglor’s back sois  

The latest project from the Rabbit Hole group (Canvas, Crimson RoomDraft LandRabbit Hole), Bar Marco transforms a two-story rowhouse on Thonglor Soi 20 into a warm-lit den for vinyl geeks who like good drinks.
The interiors are a shrine to mid-century modernism. Think furniture that recalls Noguchi tables and Grand Prix chairs, a candy apple red Smeg refrigerator, and floor lamps beaming amber light: the kind of California home that you might picture James Dean living in. 
The centerpiece here, though, is the display shelf filled with an eclectic collection of vinyl albums—the Beach Boys, the Velvet Underground, Phoenix, Thelonius Monk, Ray Charles, LCD Soundsystem, and more, a genre-spanning soundtrack that promises to keep you on your toes.
That wall of records climbs up to the second floor, a funky, intimate space that overlooks the DJ booth, boasts its own bar separate from the one on the ground level, and offers a private room. 
Nu Danuwat leads the team here. The former head man at Ari’s Key Room No. 72 has created a menu of clever but easy-drinking cocktails, like the refreshing 130 Little Bastard (coconut rum, simple syrup, absinthe, cacao liqueur; B300); the spirit-forward Non-Ban-Puen (B380), a riff on the Negroni made with spiced rum and a splash of sparkling wine; and the smoky, mescal-based Farm to Home (mescal, honey barley syrup, lime, grapefruit juice, celery bitters; B360).­
In the near future, expect Thai bites to pair with your drinks, too.
Images: Bar Marco
Venue Details
Address: Bar Marco, 946/9 Thonglor Soi 20, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 065-464-6925
Area: Thonglor
Open since: November, 2020
Opening hours: daily 6pm-1am
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