The buzz: Local heritage department store TANGS Orchard has finally reopened its Home and Market sections, marking the completion of a major three-year-long facelift.

The vibe: For hipster foodies who love to mess around in the kitchen, this is probably their idea of paradise. Bright, airy and just a little unpolished (parts of the ceiling are exposed, while floors are laid with concrete-like tiles and brushed wood), the revamped section is better organized, with brands displayed systematically on soaring shelves. New to the space are three themed kitchens for cooking demos and activities.

The goods: Far too much for most HDB flats to handle. Good on you if you can manage to resist Schlossberg’s ultra-luxurious bed linen or the retro Smeg fridge, but it can be excruciatingly difficult not to put Pip Studio teapots, Zassenhaus coffee grinders and Boska’s cheese tools into your shopping cart. Then there’s the Market, home to F&B establishments like Krispy Kreme, The Mustard Incident and Tiong Bahru Bakery. Incredibly, that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Why you’ll be back: Getting all that loot into a car is unlikely (especially if you want to save on delivery charges) so one trip won’t be enough. Even if your shopping budget’s busted for the month, there are always donuts and croissants to come back for.

Venue Details
Address: TANGS, 310, Singapore, 238864 Singapore
Phone: 6737-5500
Nearest trainOrchard
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