The Cheese Ark

The buzz: Former ad exec turned cheesemonger Syu Ai Ming holds court in her pungent kingdom, a cozy temperature controlled room at the end of an easily missed alley where you’ll find a curated collection of artisanal cheeses you won’t find elsewhere in Singapore.

The vibe: The look and feel is utilitarian basement slash garage workshop—exposed concrete and pressed wood walls, untreated wood shelving, and wall-mounted tools at the ready. Syu’s workbench is smack dab in the middle of the space and the far wall consists of walk-ins fridges with glass doors so you can see the giant wheels arranged floor to ceiling on shelves, cheeses from France, Switzerland and Italy, most prominently. Syu only stocks cheeses from producers she knows personally.

The menu: There are 50-60 cheeses in stock. Don’t know where to start? Syu will make suggestions based on the kinds of foods you like (not necessarily cheese)—plus she’ll let you taste before you buy. We usually request a boxed sampler of two to four cheeses, on one such occasion leading us to a dense buttery cave-aged Appenberger and La Sanglee des Couardise, a creamy, slightly grassy rind. Expect to spend around $15-25. (If you’re wondering why we’re not offering more precise pricing, we suggest you read Syu’s comments TCA Facebook page:

Why you’ll be back: Syu will tell you it’s all about the farmers and cheese. And it is, mostly. But it’s also about her—her passion is admirable and infectious. Sign up for one of her nightly hour-long workshops (Mon-Thu) to find out more.

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Venue Details
Address: The Cheese Ark, Room #02-K28, The Grandstand (Pasarbella), 200, Singapore, Singapore
Phone: 9830-3368
Open since: May, 2013
Opening hours: Mon 9am-6pm
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