Big Dawg

Big Dawg is a hot dog stand that serves up classic flavors as well as more interesting local-inspired renditions including satay ($7.50) and chili crab ($7.50). Choose from beef, chicken or pork sausage, depending on what tickles your fancy. They also offer a selection of fruit smoothies (from $7.50), fresh fruit juices ($6.50) like Cholestrol Buster (celery, cucumber and green apple) and cocktail smoothies ($14) including Banana Colada spiked with rum and Malibu. Open till 1am on Wed.

Venue Details
Address: Big Dawg, Room 11, #01/F, 1, Singapore, 049213 Singapore
Phone: 6327-9226
Open since: April, 2012
Opening hours: daily 7am-9pm
Nearest trainRaffles Place
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