MAD Museum of Art & Design

MAD Museum of Art & Design has moved to a new home on Tanglin Road and continues to show works from emerging Asian artists. 

In 1993, Jasmine Tay founded Jasmine Fine Arts (J.F.A) - located at Orchard Point - dedicated to showcasing the work of established and up-and-coming Chinese Artists. When MAD Museum of Art and Design (M.A.D) was then established, It was the first art museum to feature important and usually inaccessible pieces of contemporary art. M.A.D is not only for art purists and buyers, but also for those who appreciate the influence of art and design on everyday life. The gallery allows participating artists to express themselves in ways outside of the traditional media - including merchandise - making art more accessible. 

M.A.D's new space on Tanglin Road is bigger and hopes to put greater support behind emerging design in Asia. Expect to see a year-long program of shows, exhibitions, events, workshops and talks, as well as new amenities like a merchandise store, a sculpture garden, a cigar bar and a café.

Venue Details
Address: MAD Museum of Art & Design, Room 01, #01/02/F, 10, Singapore, 247908 Singapore
Phone: 6734-5688
Open since: November, 2014
Opening hours: daily 10am-8pm
Nearest trainOrchard
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