Kate Spade Saturday

The buzz: Kate Spade New York’s new and lower-priced diffusion label, first launched in Japan in March this year, opens its first standalone store at ION Orchard.

The vibe: As chic as the main line, butyounger and quirkier. Sunshine yellow, contrasting with modish black-and-white graphic prints, is slathered all over the clean-lined boxy boutique—on the storefront, walls, photo frames and, of course, its products­—to give a carefree weekend atmosphere to the lively space.

The goods: It’s a full-fledged lifestyle brand offering stylish, casual apparel ($50 upwards), fashion accessories ($40 upwards), and even cool home wares including cushions, linens and table-top items. The look, similar to Kate Spade New York, is still utterly feminine, but more adventurous when it comes to shapes, colors and prints. Also in store is a customization station, where you can personalize the brand’s signature Weekender Bag with the available shades and patterns.

Why you’ll be back: Who doesn’t love the optimism-filled Kate Spade? Stepping into the cheery shop makes you feel like it’s the already the weekend (if you’re there midweek), plus the more affordable price tag will make sure you (and your wallet) leave happy.

Venue Details
Address: Kate Spade Saturday, Room 27/27A, #B1/F, ION Orchard, 2, Singapore, 238801 Singapore
Phone: 6723-7233
Opening hours: daily 9am-9pm
Nearest trainOrchard
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