Oceans of Seafood

Besides buying raw fish to take home at this multi-concept seafood joint (it's somewhat like an upscale wet market on one side and a restaurant on the other), you can opt to have a Japanese style meal, with favorites like hotate sushi and ikura sushi on the menu.

The buzz: The anchor tenant of PasarBella offers Singapore’s largest selection of top quality imported seafood—at prices low enough to cause consumers to (rightly) question the mark-ups elsewhere. The owner, Andrew Tan, is a veteran restaurateur and consultant who developed the market-inspired concept for PasarBella.

The vibe: Like San Francisco’s Ferry Building Market or some other pierside multi-use project fashioned out of the shell of a historical building. It’s a giant high-ceilinged space with everything is out in the open. Amiable fishmongers stand behind all sorts of seafood, shucking and cracking and sashimi-ing. Technically there are two eateries: a clearly defined Japanese area and an international restaurant, but you can order off both menus no matter where you sit. 

The menu: Sashimi options like the tobiuo (flying fish) might set you back $20, plus a $10 charge to have the meat made into sashimi and the bones deep fried to a crispy, calcium rich delight. There’s also an awesome plate of “special” sushi at $43. On the international side, go a la carte or select one of the boiled/steamed seafood sets—from the mammoth Platter Royale! (two Boston lobsters, two South African lobsters, two Dungeness crabs, six French oysters, four bamboo clams, 1kg king prawns) at $548, to combinations better suited for two diners at $98 and $138.

Why you’ll be back: Others may claim that their imported seafood is the freshest and their prices the lowest but here it really is. It’s a volume thing. At present they receive six shipments per week from Tsukiji amounting to over 1,000kg of product. They’re committed to the concept: the lower the price, the faster it sells, the more fresh seafood they can bring in.

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Venue Details
Address: Oceans of Seafood, Room 06, #02/F, The Grandstand, PasarBella, 200, Singapore, 287994 Singapore
Phone: 6466-1005
Cuisine: Japanese, Seafood
Price Range: B
Open since: May, 2013
Opening hours: daily 10:30am-8:30pm
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