Limoncello Italian Pizza & Grill

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If there’s a better location along the Singapore River than the gorgeous, half-moon expanse of wooden patio in front of newbie Italian restaurant Limoncello, we haven’t found it yet. It’s a different story if it rains, of course, but even then you have a cozy interior—all stone walls and flowing water—to take refuge in.

The place is run by Fabio Iannone, he of popular Bukit Timah eatery La Braceria, and Iannone’s certainly off to a flying start; with a captive audience from the nearby condos (though perhaps not with the kids getting their pre-Zouk drink on over by the bridge). We wandered up here looking for something more substantial than the food on offer at the strip of pubs and bars nearby, and that was precisely what we got.

The rucola prosciutto pizza ($24) was a meal in itself; 13 inches of crisped-to-perfection dough, stacked to the heavens not just with rocket (which is more than we can say for plenty of Italian spots around town) but paper-thin, light-as-air ham. So too the calzone ($21), which, even when folded in half, threatened to topple the table; meaning we had to get through it fast—hardly a chore, even as the tomato squirted everywhere. Having already enjoyed an outstanding caprese salad ($18.50) made with oversized, juicy tomato chunks and buffalo mozzarella so fresh we half-expected to see the beast itself wander past, we had no room to tackle the rest of the menu; but rest assured we’ll be back to try the charcoal-grilled meats and the house special limoncello-marinated duck leg ($24.50).

Having been open barely a couple of months, there’s still a few kinks to work out. Service was a bit ditzy—we had to order our San Miguels ($8.50) three times over. Also, depending on how closely they’re adhering to the licensing rule that says their outdoor tables can only extend two meters from the window, you might find it unduly hard to get a seat outside. But there’s nothing stopping you just putting your feet up at the lovely open bar space just beside and having your first taste of limoncello there. It’s certainly worth the wait.

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Venue Details
Address: Limoncello Italian Pizza & Grill, Room 19/20, #01/F, Rivergate, 95, Singapore, Singapore
Phone: 6634-5117
Cuisine: Italian
Price Range: B - BB
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 11am-1:30pm; daily 5-9:30pm
Nearest trainSomerset
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Limoncello Italian Pizza & Grill