The raw food eatery serves healthy fruit entrees in six flavors:  The berry-based Forest ($9.90), Mediterranean ($8.90), which includes fresh figs, Tropical ($7.90), a mix of rose apple and mango sauce, Summer Orchard ($9.90), featuring nectarines, Grapevine ($8.90) with apples and grapes, and Asian Fusion ($7.90), dragonfruit in ginseng dressing. Besides these fruit salads, there are also cold press juices ($6.80)—such as the Chestnut Cooler and Wild Wild Berries—enzyme shots ($2), including longan and beetroot as well as pineapple kiwi (to aid digestion), and side dishes ($2.50) like salsa with nut-based chips. Nothing is heated beyond 43 degrees Celsius to retain the nutrients.

Venue Details
Address: Frunatic, Room 01, #02/F, The Star Vista, Singapore, Singapore
Phone: 6694-6166
Cuisine: Vegetarian or Organic
Open since: March, 2013
Opening hours: Mon-Thu 10am-8pm; Fri-Sat 10am-9pm; Sun 9am-9pm
Nearest trainOne-North
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