Huge fish tanks and an open kitchen are the highlights of SUN's décor. The food is high-end Japanese: sushi, sashimi, tempura, and grilled dishes.

Another piece in the Bund jigsaw falls into place. Sun with Aqua at 6 on the Bund (Sun is the restaurant, Aqua the bar) is a top-end Japanese operation and looks set to be the latest place for scenesters and businessmen. A 007-esque tank with miniature sharks, serene, Japanese gardeninspired pools and cool bricks of smooth concrete, partially obscuring an array of private rooms, certainly create a head-turning interior, and the food lives up to the impressive design. It ain’t cheap, but the sashimi was as good as SH has tasted in Shanghai, with the o-toro (fatty tuna) turning heads. Next, hunks of pork belly were served crispy on the outside, giving way to mouthfuls of sweet, melting fat and tender meat. More unusual, but just as delicious, were pieces of ox tongue coated in black and white sesame seeds. The bar, Aqua, claims to have the largest aquarium in town, and also sports private bed-booths with sheer curtains for a secluded drink. All in all exactly the kind of high-class, highly-designed operation this strip needs to keep its head held high above the six lanes of traffic sputtering beneath.

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Venue Details
Address: SUN with AQUA, 2/F/F, Bund 6, 6, Shanghai, China
Phone: 6339-2779
Cuisine: Japanese
Dress code:
Price Range: BBBB
Opening hours: daily 11:30am-2:30pm
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