South Beauty Yanan

This branch of South Beauty is a culinary retreat of epic proportions. Expect more than finely prepared delicacies and impeccable service. Expect to be blown away. Slip into any one of 19 private dining rooms and admire the sleek, minimalist decor draping every inch of this villa, deftly refitted by Japanese design wizards Super Potato. Recline on a chenille chaise and sip cognac on the rooftop. Saunter down the mahogany staircase to the cigar room for some shark’s fin soup and a bottle of Bordeaux. The menu is inspired by a fusion of fiery Sichuan and classical Cantonese delicacies, and the rustic flavors of Sichuan are given a makeover with elegant, even artful, presentation. Certain options, like the homemade tofu and deep-fried vegetables, are cooked by the chef before your eyes and served with delicately arranged selections of cilantro, garlic, peanuts and hot peppers. For dessert, the ‘Chinese Calligraphy Set’ is prepared so magnificently you’ll debate, momentarily, whether to eat it. While most of the food remains the same as their four other Shanghai locations, the space is unmatched.

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Venue Details
Address: South Beauty Yanan, 881, Shanghai, China
Phone: 6247-5878
Price Range: BBB
Opening hours:
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