Roosevelt Prime Steakhouse

This elite steakhouse in the French Concession sets the bar high for steaks in Shanghai. There's every cut of meat imaginable, along with well-executed sides.

Opened: September 13, 2007

What: Steakhouse serving USDA Prime beef. That is the best beef grade in the States and the first time it’s arrived in China. One of the business partners is Franklin Roosevelt’s grandson, hence the name and the FDR photos on the wall.

Look: Wood panels, stout leather dining chairs, and in the private rooms, paintings of ranch hands lassoing steers. This is for men who are men, men who mean business, and men who are only good with colors when it concerns expensive red or white wine.

Food: Beef. Steaks come under the sub-heading “Tycoon’s Corner” – hilarious until you see the prices, which soon shut you up. Filet mignon 8oz (227g) starts the bidding at ¥300, but the 1.5 inch thick, 24oz (681g), 28-day aged Porterhouse hits new Shanghai heights at ¥1,200. Starters tread a proudly retro path, like Caesar salads made tableside and duck confit with Puy lentils, while double cut pork chops come with a Calvados reduction and a salmon steak with Yunnan morels. Oh, and for the steaks, the side dishes cost extra.

People: Bankers, brokers, businessmen. The cigar lounge, heavyweight wine list, and large private dining rooms say it all.

Bill: How high do you want to go? In the other direction, you could escape with ¥500 per person including a solitary glass of wine.

Hours: Daily, 5-11pm.

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Venue Details
Address: Roosevelt Prime Steakhouse, 160, Shanghai, China
Phone: 6433-8240
Cuisine: Steak
Price Range: BBB
Open since: September, 2007
Opening hours: Sun-Thu 5-10pm; Fri-Sat 5-11pm
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