Pizza Street

This hole-in-the-wall pizza joint is run by a friendly Australian guy called Joel and his Chinese wife. From their unassuming shopfront they serve some of the tastiest pizzas of any Shanghai restaurant. Streets ahead of Pizza Hut and the like, Pizza Street has a loyal following among north Jing'an's expat community, and the two tables outside are often inhabited by laowai sipping beer and eating dinner.

The great thing about Joel's menu is the simplicity. All pizzas are 69 kuai for 12 inches, and you can choose from 14 varieties. You've got the usual suspects like margarita, capricciosa, anchovy, and four cheeses and well as some more inventive pizzas like the Wallaby Special. The ingredients are top quality, and Joel's wife marinates the olives and vegetables on site for extra flavor. We tried a four cheese with mushroom and a vegetarian special, both of which were great. The dough is thick enough to hold the toppings without falling to pieces, while being light enough not to dominate. 

As with all pizzas everywhere, the leftovers were 10 times as good the next day.

Venue Details
Address: Pizza Street, 36, Shanghai, China
Phone: 6233 5969
Price Range: BB
Takeaway available
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