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Vegetarian restaurants in Shanghai are becoming more numerous, and the latest addition to the scene is Kush - where organic, veggie and vegan foods are served in a clean, contemporary atmosphere. Owned by the same team as Sushi Abuse next door, Kush is a welcome addition to the Shanghai restaurant scene. The interior has a pleasant, modern vibe, with pale wood and neutral toned furniture. A counter displays the fresh ingredients as you walk in, leading around to a cozy space containing just four tables.

Kush's food menu is modest, with five or six options each for starters, wraps, salads, soups and mains. We tried the spring rolls for starters, which were tasty packages of glass noodles, coriander, tofu and carrot encased in a springy, translucent wrapper. We also went for the dipping plate - pots of hummus, pesto and cashew paste with garlic-flavored roti bread. Both appetizers were fresh and flavorsome, packed with flavor and texture.

Moving on to mains, we had the lentil burger and Arabian wrap. Both were well made and moreish, filled with ingredients. For drinks we went for banana, chai and soymilk smoothie.

Kush has made a great first impression. With so many inventive dishes to try, we'll be back soon for sure. Delivery is coming within the next few weeks, promising to give Wagas around the corner a run for its money.

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Venue Details
Address: Kush, 98, Shanghai, China
Phone: 5175 9822
Cuisine: Vegetarian or Organic
Price Range: BB - BBB
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