Haiku by Hatsune

Award-winning Haiku by Hatsune is one of Shanghai's best loved Japanese restaurants. It is famous for its innovative sushi, such as the Moto-roll-ah maki, and for its pared down décor.

What: California-inspired Japanese restaurant with roots in Beijing. Forget all-you-can-eat, Haiku focuses on fresh rolls and tiny bites blending traditional Japanese dishes with a dash of playful innovation. Those familiar with Hatsune in Beijing should expect much of the same here.

Look: Large and lofty, with lots of concrete, low-slung comfy chairs and the occasional oil painting. Minimalist without being austere.

Food: Deliciously fresh modern Japanese. We dug the moto-roll-ah (fried spicy tuna) roll, and the sashimi was crisp and sweet. Good fish means good food.

People: We visited in the pre-opening phase so it was just us and the sushi chefs. We’re thinking ex-yuppies, young trendies, aging hipsters and hungry people. Enough stereotypes?

Bill: About ¥200/person, more with drinks.

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Venue Details
Address: Haiku by Hatsune, 28 B, Shanghai, China
Phone: 6445-0021
Cuisine: Japanese
Dress code:
Price Range: BBB
Opening hours: daily 11:30-2pm; Mon-Fri 5:30-10pm; Sat-Sun 5:30-10:30pm
Takeaway available
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