Godly Vegetarian

Opened in 1922, Gong De Lin, or Godly Vegetarian Restaurant, is Shanghai’s oldest vegetarian establishment, and it’s unceasing popularity suggests there’s good reason for its longevity. Inside Gong De Lin is a two-story palace devoted to the meat-free lifestyle, tastefully adorned with mahogany furniture, a large fountain, an altar honoring Buddha, and small gazebos tucked in the corners. On our visit, Buddhist monks were enjoying their lunch, revealing the restaurant’s street cred - and their delicious tofu and vegetable dishes backed it up. Slightly sweet tofu skin fashioned as BBQ duck, fried ‘spring chicken’ with sesame oil, and sauteed fried tofu with sweet and sour sauce were some of their most flavorful offerings, and their signature Buddha Jumping over the Wall soup, a broth of white mushrooms, shitake, and bamboo shoots, is a refreshing addition to any meal.

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Venue Details
Address: Godly Vegetarian, 445, Shanghai, China
Phone: 6327 0218
Cuisine: Vegetarian or Organic
Opening hours:
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