Traditional Phuket food worth traveling for. 

Mali serves dishes under the tagline “traditional Phuket food.” The menu charts all the Southern hits—crabmeat curry with rice noodle, moo hong (braised pork belly), nam prik goong siab (chili shrimp paste with crispy dried shrimp) and kua kling (stir-fried spicy pork/beef)—as well as experimenting with its own dishes like chicken curry spring rolls and pla long nam (a hot pot of deep-fried seabass or garupa with coconut curry).

Venue Details
Address: Mali, 91/6 Chaofah Tawantok Rd., Phuket, Thailand
Phone: 090-324-6351
Website: maliphuket324
Cuisine: Thai
Opening hours: daily 8am-7pm
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