Goro Japanese Restaurant

One of Bangkok's first ever Japanese restaurants relocates to Chiang Mai. 

Decades ago, Goro opened in Bangkok as one of the first Japanese restaurants. The family-owned establishment has since relocated up north to continue its tradition of unpretentious, umami-packed food at reasonable prices. The decor is simple, not even intentional enough to warrant “minimal.” Find the richness, instead, in the flavor of the yakitori motsuyaki (grilled marinated meat skewers) and the uni aburi nigiri (grilled sea urchin on rice).

Venue Details
Address: Goro Japanese Restaurant, 9/2 Atsadathon Rd., Siphum, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Phone: 053-234-563
Cuisine: Japanese
Open since: December, 2017
Opening hours: daily 11am-11:30pm
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