Than Ying

The recipe here was created by M.C. Sulapwanleng Wisuthi during Rama VII’s reign. The Sukhothai Palace variation has five side dishes (B295): luk kapi (deep-fried shrimp paste balls), hom tord (deep fried shallots), prik yuak yud sai moo (green chili pepper stuffed with minced pork), chai pow pad khai (stir-fried dry turnip with egg) and neua wan (shredded sweet meat). The most popular is the luk kapi which the owners carefully select from Chantaburi only. Of course, this being a royal recipe, it comes with lovely presentation, too. (khao chae available at lunch time only)

Venue Details
Address: Than Ying, 10 Pramuan Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-236-4361
Cuisine: Thai
Opening hours: daily 10:30am-9pm
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