Wantong Cafe

Thai-themed desserts and drinks in a contemporary setting you won't believe is in Chatuchak Market. 

This little cafe serves up Thai-themed desserts and drinks in a contemporary setting that's hard to believe is in Chatuchak Market.

The highlight here has to be the black Nila cake (see our story on Bangkok's best new desserts, B95), the owner's take on coconut cake that incorporates jasberry rice and carbon powder, as inspired by khao niao tuadam (a sticky rice dessert)—fluffy, sponge-y and fragrant.

Another pick is the pandan custard Kaya tart (B120), a crossover between kanom bueang (Thai crepe) and pandan custard bread. 

To go with the theme, they serve Pimpilalai (Thai herbal drink with brown sugar syrup and soda) and San Tri Petch (iced watermelon Earl Grey tea, both B95).

Venue Details
Address: Wantong Cafe, Chatuchak Weekend Market, Section 26 Soi 1/4, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 088-885-7751
Area: Chatuchak
Cuisine: Dessert
Open since: December, 2015
Opening hours: Wed-Fri 8am-4pm; Sat-Sun 8am-7pm
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