Plant-based ice cream with all the flavor and less of the guilt.

This vegan ice cream brand uses coconut milk for its base, which results in a creamy frozen treat that’s lower in calories and cholesterol than your average scoop. A guilty pleasure with less of the guilt but all the flavor.
Veganisto currently churns out nine decadent flavors, including their signature lemon cheese pie, strawberry fresh cream, tiramisu, and cookies and cream (B100/cup; B360/pint).
If you’re pining for some nostalgia, try the vanilla pecan Horlicks for a throwback taste of the childhood favorite malt drink, or the banoffee pie (B120/cup; B380/pint). 
Gluten-free options include mint chip, salted caramel macadamia (B100/cup; B360/pint), and chocolate brownies (B120/cup; B380/pint). 
The ice cream brand also offers box sets that include quirky postcards and stickers. 
Available to order via Line @veganisto and Robinhood for nationwide delivery.
All images courtesy of Veganisto
Venue Details
Address: Veganisto, Bangkok, Thailand
Cuisine: Dessert
Open since: February, 2021
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