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Treecreeper is full of surprises, thankfully most of them very pleasant. The first comes as you enter. From the outside, the cute bar/café seems out of place among its higher-end neighbors. But step through the door and you’ll find a lovely space that’s part lofty barn complete with a mezzanine, and part sophisticated dining room with an upscale wine bar feel. (There’s also a striking central wire frame sculpture that conjures up images of cacti and frangipani.) This décor division neatly sums up the split between the venue’s focal points: a café and bakery serving homemade sweet treats in the retro furnished barn out front, and a more serious menu of mostly Italian (and some French) classics for the main dining room. The options are extensive, not particularly ground breaking and a little pricy. Still, there are some more interesting choices if you look hard enough, like the pan-grilled homemade Treecreeper sausage (B270). While the chunks of sausage look more like beef burger patties than sausage, they are tasty and well-seasoned and recieve an added dimension from a thick mushroom gravy. The arugula, pine nuts and sun-dried tomatoes that come with it are also excellent and show a clear focus on using high quality ingredients. It’s a focus that’s also demonstrated in the pleasantly presented fresh tuna tartar (B390) with its fatty diced tuna and citrusy jus. Pizzas also show they don’t cut corners. The four cheese (B450) contains real gorgonzola and brie and is suitably pungent and, while the base is a little floury, it’s decent. Not much will get your pulse-racing, but nearly everything is good. There are, however, some surprises in the drinks department, like the fact they have El Bulli creation Inedit beer (B420) and other interesting brews on the menu. Less pleasing is the fact that the cheapest water you can get starts at B70 for a small bottle of Vittel. This and the slightly high prices are small gripes but they’re enough to dim the shine a little. Still they have some great lunch and drinks deals, a good wine selection and a genuinely lovely space. Come share a pizza and raise a glass of house wine with friends and you’ll find this is a spot that definitely grows on you.

Venue Details
Address: Treecreeper, 126 Sala Daeng Soi 1, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-636-2525
Cuisine: International
Price Range: BB - BBB
Opening hours: daily 9am-9:30pm
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