The buzz: Fans of the tiny bakery on Ratchada, rejoice, for Aom, the self-taught baker and her partners, have moved into this sweet, old house and garden in the depths of Sukhumvit Soi 26. A few hundred meters from the community mall of K Village, Sugarlust is fostering a more old-school kind of community, with its its comfy, retro couches, its Playstation area and a horde of dishes you might fix yourself at a friend’s house—oh, and Aom’s cakes, made fresh daily.

The décor: This is sort of like Seua Non Kin’s arty little brother, with a similar set up of living room décor and an outdoor patio and garden with rough-hewn tables and some beanbags. The difference is that Sugarlust feels even more youthful and the indoors less strictly decorated. We like the small, six-seater dining table, too, around which young freelancers might gather in the early evenings with their tablets or laptops and plates of food.

The food: Mostly a list of dishes you probably tell yourself you could make at home, but never do. The brief menu covers both Thai and Western dishes. Expect a few simple, classic pastas like carbonara, spaghetti with tuna and olives, along with Thai comfort food like nam tok ped and grilled beef, as well as a few fusion dishes like the kai yang takhai salad. There are two things that distinguish Sugarlust from similar laid-back house hangouts: their homemade, fresh baked goods, such as cheesecakes, tiramisu and brownies; and the fact that they’re open in the morning when they do a breakfast/brunch menu, with dishes like scrambled eggs and ham and yogurt and muesli.

The drinks: Usual Singha and booze with ice pails and mixers. But the highlight, we think, are their expertly done fruit smoothies, some with a hint of lime to keep the over-sweetness in check.

The crowd: Hip college seniors and start-up freelancing creative-types in jeans, t-shirts and chunky eyeglasses.

Venue Details
Address: Sugarlust, 59/27 Sukhumvit Soi 26, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 084-011-4115
Opening hours: Tue-Thu 10am-11pm; Fri-Sun 10-12:30am
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