Intelligence and creativity combine for a gem in Phra Khanong

Conveniently located opposite the cultural hub that is W District, Stryke brings a totally new style to the party. Its motto is “creativity is intelligence having fun,” and the hotspot has made a name for itself with exciting art cocktails and creative shots.

Two excellent examples: the science-inspired Jager, melon and absinthe Sonic Boom shot, and the Porn Star—Stoli vodka, Campari, vanilla syrup, pink grapefruit, lychee and lemon, topped with edible glitter and silver pearls (B380).

Stryke also dishes up Italian and Asian tapas, which you may need after drinking that. We recommend the deep-fried avocado (B180), some chicken satay (B120) and a cheese burger (B270) to soak it all up.

Maybe top it off with apple cobbler-flavored gin nitro sorbet (B230), because why not?

Venue Details
Address: Stryke, 1108/49 Sukhumvit Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-381-2855
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