Shout Shop

Lesser-known munchies you can enjoy in the comfort of your home.

Award-winning foodie influencer Chonlathip “Bowling” Rayamas, also known as Eat and Shout, is delivering savory and sweet treats from her new social media-based restaurant, Shout Shop.
Highlights include her mom’s traditional Thai-Chinese light bites, oa tao guay, or steamed taro cake topped with shiitake mushrooms, peanuts and sun-dried shrimp served with tangy soy dipping sauce and deep-fried garlic (B250/10pcs); luk tarn loy kaew granita (toddy palm in syrup; B100/cup); and the crowd-pleasing sugar-coated, crispy buttered toast (B250/tin).
Pre-order via Line @shoutshop or call 081-255-0555
Venue Details
Address: Shout Shop, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 081-255-0555
Area: Sathorn
Cuisine: Chinese, Thai
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