The buzz: Sanriku’s Japanese owners aim to lure in their compatriots with classic sushi they claim is made for the Japanese palate, all served up in the usual wood setting. Tucked in the soi next to Terminal 21, it’s also open till 2am, making it a convenient and affordable place for a late night bite.

The décor: Similar to many traditional Japanese places in town, there’s not too much in the way of decor. This is the kind of restaurant where you rub shoulders with Japanese salarymen sat at the bar while chatting with the chef about the different varieties of uni (urchin) which hail from Russia and Japan. But if you don’t feel up for small talk, there’s also a dining area looking out onto the buzzing soi.

The food: Even though the kitchen is led by Thai chef Anukul Buasomboon, they certainly haven’t gone all fusion crazy. Appetizers like buta kakuni (Japanese braised pork, B300), tako wasabi (squid with wasabi, B150) and hotate batayaki (grilled scallop, B200) are fairly classic, as is the sushi. Sets range from B350 to B1,900 while a la carte options include uni (B390) and scallop (B90); or you can always go the omakase route where the chef decides your dinner for you (from B2,500). Not craving sushi? They also have nabe (Japanese hot pot, starts from B600) and grilled sweet mackerel (B250).

The drinks: Sake starts from B190-B480 for 300 ml. and beers include Asahi (B110) and Sapporo (B150).

The crowds: Thanks to the reasonable prices, you can expect Japanese repeat customers in office attire as well as some night riders coming in starving after an evening of drinking.

Venue Details
Address: Sanriku, Sukhumvit Soi 19, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-651-2361
Cuisine: Japanese
Open since: June, 2013
Opening hours: daily 4pm-1am
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