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Part Mediterranean, part Persian and part Balkan, Turkish cuisine reflects its country’s unique position, a bridge between Asia, Europe and the Middle East. If the dishes on offer at Saman are anything to go by, this is as exciting as it sounds. A perfect example would be the ibo karisik meze, a plate of intriguing appetizers that includes standards like humus and vine leaves alongside lesser known treats like soslu patlican (dried egg plant, garlic and tomato) and ezme, a spicy combination of crushed tomato, chili and parsley. The sheer range of flavors—from the tart vine leaves to the fiery ezme—will have you wiping the plate clean with the cute little mini-loaves that come with it. Mains cover a huge range of grilled and oven roasted dishes but listen to the well-informed recommendations, either from the resident Turk or the Thai waitresses: such as the iskander et thin strips of moist doner (lamb) kebab served drenched in a rich, almost sweet, tomato and butter sauce and served on a bed of spongy bread with a side of yogurt. While not quite hitting the same heights, the whole legs of grilled chicken in the tavuk pirizola are still wonderfully tender and come with rice, salad and a giant pita bread. Make sure you save some space for the lahmacun, though. These mini pizzas topped with ground lamb mince and onion are a tasty and very affordable little snack for two. Desserts are something of a letdown after all this. Half of them are unavailable and the overly sweet sevepare is just a buttery cookie in a honey sauce. Nor is the décor very exciting: a red and white awning shelters some outside seating, while the biggest feature in the small shop house interior is the framed Turkish and Thai flags made from dried roses. Still, don’t let it deter you as Saman offers that magical combination of tasty, interesting food and pocket-friendly prices. Corkage B300. No Service charge.

Venue Details
Address: Saman, Sun Square Silom, 1043/5 Silom Soi 21-23, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-237-4144
Area: Silom
Cuisine: Turkish
Price Range: BBB
Opening hours: daily 10am-9:30pm
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